What’s the most important item on your Live Auction?

There’s no question about it – it’s the Fund A Need, Raise Your Paddles, Whatever you’d like to call your ask for major funds.  At a minimum, it represents 40% of your total.  For some auctions, it’s 80% of what they take in.

Yet most groups simply do not spend enough time on this most important part of your evening.  You need to have a defined ask for a specific amount for a specific purpose.  It’s not enough to say “we need money to continue operations – how much will you give?”  If you have someone who can PASSIONATELY tell the story in a short time frame, use them.  Have a video professionally prepared.  I that’s not possible, then have an additional Power Point for the ask.

It is also vitally important to make sure you have donors there that will commit ahead of time to make a donation.  Don’t let it be a Hope and a Prayer.  If you have a donor that gives at the end of the year, ask them to participate at your event.  It will help the appeal