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The Auction Support You Need

Whether you choose a traditional or online auction with us, you’re going to need additional support so everything runs like clockwork. At Illinois Charity Auctions, we go above and beyond to provide you with helpful supplemental assistance that removes the stress from your experience.



Our trained, professional auctioneers will take the reins as master of ceremonies and make your event unforgettable. We know you already have enough on your mind for your charity auction. That is why our auctioneers give you total event management down to the smallest detail. From setup to main event to settling all accounts, you can trust Illinois Charity Auction to handle everything, quickly and efficiently, for you.


Event Planning:

Logistics for a charity auction can get complicated. Item procurement, display, the event schedule – there are many moving pieces to consider. Illinois Charity Auctions has the knowledge and experience to expertly plan everything for you, guaranteed. Simply tell us what you’ve envisioned for your event, and see it come to life.


Tech Support:

Tech support is one of the most overlooked aspects of any auction, but it could not be more essential to all of them. Our experienced tech support staff will host your exclusive auction website, and provide beneficial features and tools such as online registration, “no line” checkout, automatic deposit into your organization’s account, and so much more. Illinois Charity Auctions can also supply analytics and detailed receipts for bidders and donors as well.


For more information concerning our auctioneers, event planning, or tech support, or to arrange your charity event with us, please give us a call at 815-228-5835.

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