Illinois Charity Auctions
If you want a successful evening, contact us at Illinois Charity Auctions  or call our toll free number (866) 474-9420 ext: 800.

Your results will be what you’ve always wanted from your event.
The partners of ICA have been in the Non-Profit and Fund raising industry for over 20 years. All three of us have been fortunate enough to be mentored by the best,
engage in every facet of the industry, and develop a true passion for fund raising. While our passion for the industry plays a large role in each of our career choices,
our passion for helping others is by far the driving force.

This overwhelming desire to help others led us to create Illinois Charity Auctions. We all have goals for our charity of choice, and fund raising is a powerful tool in
achieving those goals. While we pride ourselves on being able to help in every facet of your fund raising needs, we understand that the fund raiser itself serves a
larger purpose and we celebrate the impact we can have on your charity.

Whether your charity is well-versed in fund raising or just starting out, ICA is here to empower your fund raising efforts. Our mission is to help you take your event to
the next level!